Photo Friday: Black Fae Day, the First (at the Frist)

If you’re cool, you may have clued into a new meme/day/event(?) that happened on May 8th, started by @maximilli_lo — Black Fae Day!

To quote their tweet from a few months back:

#BlackFaeDay is inspired by pictures I saw of Kenji K (@flowersfromkenji on Instagram). I was still on the high of #28DaysofBlackCosplay and Brandy’s Cinderella streaming and thought, “I need more of this feeling”. I felt hopeful and dreamy looking at these images.

Within the tag, you’ll find never-ending beauty of the most melanated kind — and something my innermost self has needed to see for their entire life!

Melanated Magic

Learning about this at the start of May, I decided to participate! Pulling together some stuff I already had and quick buys off the internet, I decided my graceful butterfly dreams would finally come true! Originally, I was just intending to take a bunch of photos around home and the local parks:

9-image collage of me as a flower butterfly fairy with pink flowers and longer, curly hair

…However, I was also already scheduled to visit the museum on that day! Nashville is the one US stop for the current exhibit of original Picassos, and I was fortunate enough to be able to go!

me in front of the frist, dressed as a fairy with big hair
The flowers were a nice, thematic touch!
me as a fairy in a face mask posing with a picasso painting
Sorta feels like I shouldn’t be here… Wait, what am I saying? Of COURSE I should be! I’m art, too!

One of the museum attendants even took this photo of me:

photo of me as a butterfly fairy taken by a Frist museum attendant

Overall, it was a wonderful day to be out and flaunt my natural air of mystique, with the bonus of being able to browse social media for everyone else’s wonderful photos once I got home! Here are the rest of my photos from the park, and also some without this wig, and even one without the B612 filter! I taught myself how to apply blush, eyeliner, and eyeshadow for this — turns out that it doesn’t take much, and it’s even pretty fun!

By the way, I got those tan-colored elf ears from ElvenCaravan on Etsy!

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