Graphic Design

Jessica’s graphic design works and the prime focus of this site, including branding/logo design and print advertising.

The Garlic: New Campaign Aims to Convince Corporations, Senators That Palestinian Lives Great for Bottom Line

Or, “I just don’t know how to make you care about Brown people.” WORLD – Two-hundred and sixty-nine days into genocidal conflict, the reasons for which obvious to any compassionate soul, the world’s top marketers have finally come together to brainstorm the perfect ad campaign to promote peace and a ceasefire.

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Concept Logo: Legend Industries

I had an idea while messing around with my Smash Bros. Fighting Polygon Team vector art. I thought the head for the Ness Polygon fighter had a cool, iconic shape, so I adjusted it as the symbol for a logo. With such a strong appearance, you’d almost think that head was Link’s, wouldn’t you? You […]

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Geek Media Expo Vol. 5

As Visual Communications Coordinator within the creative development team of ArtsCubed, I collaborated with the marketing team to create promotional design pieces for Geek Media Expo volume 5. This included: Flyers (general and audience-driven) Web Ads and Graphics Newsletter Images Social Media Graphics (including promoting guests) Signage On-Location Tickets Staff Badges Display Banners Tweaks to the old […]

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