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Photo Friday: Black Fae Day 2022 (Renaissance Faire Edition)

Photo taken by Danielle Tucker

Juciya, emissary of the Unseelie Court. Out to prove that we’re really not all that bad. 🖤💙💛 Photography and art direction by Danielle Tucker and Joseph Weeden.

Photo(shop) Friday: Cats, Volume 1

I’m in a cat Photoshop group on FB, and I decided to have some quick fun with the cat pics I’ve seen that are both 1) easy to ‘shop and 2) incredibly funny to me. Here are the results so far…

Photo Friday: Deer Me

I got really close to a deer a few weeks ago!! She wasn’t afraid at all. ❤️ I decided not to disturb her meal.

Photo Friday: Black Fae Day, the First (at the Frist)

If you’re cool, you may have clued into a new meme/day/event(?) that happened on May 8th, started by @maximilli_lo — Black Fae Day! To quote their tweet from a few months back: #BlackFaeDay is inspired by pictures I saw of Kenji K (@flowersfromkenji on Instagram). I was still on the high of #28DaysofBlackCosplay and Brandy’s […]

Photo Friday: Cosplay at the Waterfront

Earlier this week, I went to Waterfront Park for the first time! (You’d almost think I didn’t live here as long as I have…) I went because the newly-vaccinated Pheauxteauxbreauxs were having their first Photo Walk in a few years, and I need some photos! However, I took a few myself (and probably should have […]

Photo Friday: Look at My Cat

During my past few years of drastic change and growth, one of the best things I did was adopt a cat. Meet Tina Turner. (I didn’t name her, by the way, but it’s So Her.) With a past as tragic as her namesake, this vocal feline was up on Petfinder for months before I finally […]

Photo Friday: Many Moons

I’ve taken to taking photos of the moon when it’s nearing being full. I particularly love partial views of it against the blue sky. I took the photo above last month. This one, however, was taken earlier this week: …when it was slightly darker and mistier out. It’s starting to get dark earlier, already… I’m […]

Photo Friday: Baby Birds

A few weeks ago, I saw two baby birds in my yard in the same day. The first one was in one of the flower pots in the back… Not pictured: I saw the mother fly down to it there and feed it a worm. Sweet! I took this picture from inside my garage, since […]