The Great Wall of Tina

Such a majestic cat as Tina Turner deserves tribute! That’s why I’ve been commissioning people for artwork of her over the years!

Let’s highlight the ones I have so far:

To start, of course, the big colorful one on the left is the one I painted of her a few years ago! It was a fun way to show who definitely owns the place, as a large-ish piece. And with my cool clock there in the center, you’ll see that it’s always Tina Time! I also included a canvas print of one of my favorite photos of her blepping.

This one was drawn by my friend Carolyn! It’s an amazingly detailed depiction of Tina lying in one of her favorite places (on top of my weighted blanket).

This one was sent from Chewy! You know, the online pet service! I was desperate to get one after I found out they did this, and my friends got one of their beautiful Russian blue. If you’re the artist and see this, please let me know who you are so I can properly credit you!

This one is by my friend Tiberius! He does a lot of avant-garde artwork and crafting! Tina’s portrait here has a lot of physical texture to it in addition to being creative!


And this one is by my friend Voln! He offered me a laser-cut wooden sign based on another favorite photo of Tina, and I love that!

Keep your eyes on the blog for future Tina picture updates!

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