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My First Kwanzaa Kinara

A lit 7-candle Kwanzaa Kinara on a wooden shelf next to a photo frame and pack of themed tarot cards

I didn’t do this correctly at all, but I’m burning all the candles for this final night of Kwanzaa. Unity, self-determination, collectivity, self-investment, purpose, creativity, and faith. Gentleness to you in 2023. 🙏🏾

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A Tale of Two Webcomics: Millennium & LOVEFEAST

After many long years of laying idle on the net, I finally took down the websites for my two webcomics in 2021. I started Millennium and LOVEFEAST in high school and college, respectively, with a huge passion for comics (specifically indie and manga) and a newfound love for the fantasy and action genres. They were […]

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Photo Friday: Black Fae Day, the First (at the Frist)

If you’re cool, you may have clued into a new meme/day/event(?) that happened on May 8th, started by @maximilli_lo — Black Fae Day! To quote their tweet from a few months back: #BlackFaeDay is inspired by pictures I saw of Kenji K (@flowersfromkenji on Instagram). I was still on the high of #28DaysofBlackCosplay and Brandy’s […]

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