Here there be writings of all kinds, but mostly my own thoughts and ramblings about art, sketches, video games, animation, and design.

Accessible Priorities

In the interest of accessibility, I have a few short- and long-term goals for this website! In the Short Term I’ve been working on adding image descriptions to every picture on this website. It will take some time, but I’ve already gotten started! When I was working actively on webcomics, before I decided to fully […]

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Mature Content

In the fullness of the human experience, we sometimes create content that is not intended for younger audiences. Among this category is extreme/realistic violence, sexuality, and the like. This has been, of course, cordoned off with warnings and other clear indications that one should be of age and sound mind before viewing. This website now […]

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A Tale of Two Webcomics: Millennium & LOVEFEAST

After many long years of laying idle on the net, I finally took down the websites for my two webcomics in 2021. I started Millennium and LOVEFEAST in high school and college, respectively, with a huge passion for comics (specifically indie and manga) and a newfound love for the fantasy and action genres. They were […]

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Crab Mama

Over a decade ago, long before ever adopting a cat, I joined the ranks of the Crab Mama, we who raise hermit crabs. I made a crabitat and everything! As someone who had wanted to make something like a terrarium since I was very small, I was very pleased having the opportunity to do this. […]

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