Here there be writings of all kinds, but mostly my own thoughts and ramblings about art, sketches, video games, animation, and design.

To Tina

I know you. You’re up there somewhere right now, stalking out any little bug that moves and jumps, but never actually attacking it. I didn’t mean to wash you away so quickly, but it was for our health. The baby boy came home stinky, and he can smell you, too. But besides… It’s not like […]

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What the Fuck is Wrong with You???

Coming soon to this space: basically me complaining about the state of things, from the perspective of a queer, Black, mildly-disabled, neurodiverse individual. Because people only recently started saying out loud the things I’ve been confused or wondering about for my entire life. I need to try to understand why we were so quiet for […]

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Yoga Isn’t a Cure; It’s Therapy

And we need whatever we can get in this world. Yoga is aged, accessible, and therapeutic. I started yoga for the simple reason of wanting to touch my toes, since I had never been able to in the 20-something years it had been when I started. (Besides that, I was also physically miserable from doing […]

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Personal Website!

I have a personal hub for my online sillies, and it looks something like this! Each section, when clicked, expands full-page to display different info and links. Because I don’t need Carrds! I can make my own! It’s also an experiment with texture and contrast in web design, which is an ongoing challenge with regards […]

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