Here there be writings of all kinds, but mostly my own thoughts and ramblings about art, sketches, video games, animation, and design.

Sketchy Sunday: Oooold Favs

Not all of my old art makes me cringe. In fact, I’m fond of a lot of it — for the mere fact that I used to thrive with such unfettered creativity. Bad or not, I would create art without any hesitation when I was younger, and it was generally a great feeling, one that […]

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Adventures in Autism ~Autistic Reflections~ Volume 1

A long time ago, in Algebra II — the same year that 9/11 happened — I curiously asked my teacher a question without any hint of malice: “Why don’t you teach everything in the book? Why only bits and pieces?” What I was wondering was why we didn’t go through the entire book sequentially. The […]

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Adventures in Ho-MEOW-nership

You’re never gonna say that right in your head again, are you? I’ve ventured into a home-having odyssey of space optimization and organization. These are some of my strengths, after all. It wasn’t my intention to move so quickly (I figured I had another year or two of saving to do), but strike while the […]

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