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Tina’s Low-Effort 2023 Valentines!

Tina would like to share with you her two moods for the loveliest day of 2023, in the form of valentines! Please feel free to distribute to friends and loved ones (and your pets), and enjoy!

Photo Friday: The Bleppening

My cat loves to blep when happy! That’s one thing I’ve learned about her in the (almost) two years I’ve had her. You love to see it!

Tina Painting #01

2020, acrylic on canvas I never made a habit of drawing my pets despite how cute they’ve always been. That changes now, with this experiment in painting using decade-old acrylics left over from college! My cat is very fuzzy and tortoiseshell patterned, giving the perfect excuse to let loose and experiment with color. Expect more […]

Photo Friday: Look at My Cat

During my past few years of drastic change and growth, one of the best things I did was adopt a cat. Meet Tina Turner. (I didn’t name her, by the way, but it’s So Her.) With a past as tragic as her namesake, this vocal feline was up on Petfinder for months before I finally […]

Tina Turner: Total Tortie

2019, Clip Studio Paint. After I got my cat last year, I resolved to draw her an icon for her Instagram account! …Then I proceeded to use a photo of her anyway, because it was much cuter. Still, I have several more drawings of her planned, including a painting! Just hang tight — coloring a […]