This Website (Zanoi 1.0)

2013. This is the comp of this website’s first WordPress theme, and its current theme. HTML5 valid and CSS3, this theme features custom menus, backgrounds, and headers, though for this website’s purposes they have mainly been coded in manually.

Cool Stuff:

  • Get more information by hovering over the images on the homepage’s featured area!
  • Click one of the homepage feature area’s images, or a thumbnail on a post’s gallery set, to see the entire background change to one of my works! The background will even parallax slightly as you scroll. (Looks best in Firefox!)
  • The header image is SVG — yes, infinitely scalable!
  • Fully responsive! Feel free to look in mobile browsers (but be mindful of data; this site, as a portfolio, is heavily image-based).
  • This, like all my themes until now, is originally based off of a MASSIVELY updated (and currently retired) 2010 Sandbox theme.

Things to be improved:

  • As you see in the comp, the featured area on the homepage is really meant to be a side-scrolling carousel, but I couldn’t get the functionality working in time to launch the site. This will come eventually.
  • (Fixed!) There’s a tad of weirdness to fix in the menus and in the parallax background.
  • The header image is SVG because I intended to do a bit of subtle CSS animation with it. I couldn’t sort out compatibility issues with that in time for site launch, so it is currently just a regular static image.
  • On atypical mobile resolutions, and in mobile browsers such as Opera, some things may not show up correctly at all. Some of it may be helped; I’m working on it still.
  • Needs better mobile navigation. I’m working on a solution with a plugin.
  • I also want to implement an on-the-fly style switcher. When this arrives may depend on whether or not I decide to start using LESS or SASS anytime soon.

Designer, artist, author, comic enthusiast, and geek about visual design/video games/Japan/human rights. Among other things!

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