Inaugural Blog Post

Hey! It’s a brand new website!

Things with me are usually pretty slow, personally. It’s been pretty…laid-back since graduation, I’ve worn some of the same clothes since high school, and I still haven’t watched all the original Star Wars movies. I could write about that at length (in fact, I think I’ll make that my next post — it touches on some things I see a lot), but today I want to say to you all: hello!

With some much-appreciated help and advice from my friends and peers, I got re-motivated toward web design, art, and drawing this year. My passions are lighting up in full force as I learn to manage my time and re-energize with yoga! Just this year, I’ve participated in impromptu art collaborations and zines, wrapped up years-old projects, and written out more of my ideas and stories! Now all that’s left is to consolidate them in a place that is not an external social media website. Thus: this site!

I’ve separated the Asterism from this URL (previously this website was the same as that one, as URL mirrors), making this one a distinct home for my blog, works-in-progress, and also writing, and the other specifically for my studio — a feature of projects I’m currently involved with. A redesign of the Asterism website is coming soon! But for now, I’ll be populating this site with the wide variety of my favorite work, and this blog with my favorite subjects.

I look forward to continuing to produce more and better art and design as I move further in my professional career! Because, as far as art goes (and to quote one of my favorite webcomics)…

I BREATHE this stuff.

I live this stuff. I BREATHE this stuff.

PS: I like tweeting a lot, so if you do, too, you should totally check out my Twitter.

Designer, artist, author, comic enthusiast, and geek about visual design/video games/Japan/human rights. Among other things!

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