The Asterism Design Studio

This is my studio’s website, newly redone just in time for the new year.

Four sections feature four recent design projects that I have been involved in. Each section features a few large images to scroll through, summarizing projects in a few slides. Effectively, it is a slideshow feature; there are descriptions for each slide when clicked, but a bit more depth of detail and variety can be found on this website. Just as on this site, this covers web and print graphic design works, though it does focus less on illustration.


After scrolling, the navigation bar will stick to the top. The site is responsive and works in older versions of IE. It uses modern HTML5 and CSS3.

You might also be interested in seeing past incarnations of this website. What was once an illustrative Flash-based portfolio is now a sleek, modern, CSS-focused feature gallery.

Known Issues:

There are a few things I’m still looking into regarding this site.

  • In IE and Firefox, text seems to disappear from the navigation bar after scrolling. Not a huge problem, as everything is accessible from one page, but it is being looked into.
  • There are a lot of huge images on this site that load simultaneously. Currently looking into a solution to load them differently for slower connection speeds and mobile devices.

For the record, it makes major use of Codrops’ Full-width Responsive Image Slider. I was prepared to code this myself, but then I found that just what I needed had already been done. Thanks so much, Codrops!

Designer, artist, author, comic enthusiast, and geek about visual design/video games/Japan/human rights. Among other things!

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