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Human-Made (AI Note Follow-Up)

100% Human Made - No AI Used

In my note about AI and how I don’t consent to its use of my work, I forgot to make explicit that I don’t (and will never) use AI for any aspect of my workflow. Not even drafting. Everything you have seen and will see in the future came out of this noggin, even if […]

A Note on AI

No to AI Generated Images

I do not consent to AI use of my images. I do not consent to this even on other platforms where I may post my own art and photography, such as all of these social media links of mine. Removal of my signatures and/or copyrights from images that I own will result in legal action. […]

Portfolio Website Through the Years

Since I created my first online portfolio website in 2005, there have been a few common threads running through all my subsequent portfolio designs. Hmm… I wonder what that could be… Dragons! So many of them! Well, actually, just two, and only one of them are named. Still, my early college work had so many […]