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A Note on AI

No to AI Generated Images

I do not consent to AI use of my images. I do not consent to this even on other platforms where I may post my own art and photography, such as all of these social media links of mine. Removal of my signatures and/or copyrights from images that I own will result in legal action. […]

Content Migration & Editing

Between 2011 and 2017, I did content migration with HCA Healthcare’s Web and Social Media Product Development team and TriStar division. This has involved moving website content – text, images, widgets, etc. – from old content management systems to new, and then from old web implementations on the system to new hosts, using design guidelines […]

Great Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami

I actually have a lot of articles planned right now, all lying dormant due to a momentary dip in language-studying momentum and real-life happenings. Yet all those things pale in face of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami which has rocked northern Japan. Last Thursday I went to bed at a decent time, for […]