Photo Friday: Many Moons

I’ve taken to taking photos of the moon when it’s nearing being full. I particularly love partial views of it against the blue sky.

I took the photo above last month. This one, however, was taken earlier this week:


…when it was slightly darker and mistier out. It’s starting to get dark earlier, already…

I’m personally very excited to finally be able to take moon photos with even this much detail!


You can see all the craters in detail when you zoom in on the original.

No Tripod Necessary

I’m sure it would be even better if I used my tripod — so far I’ve been aiming with only my arms, even with as intense a zoom as I need to do in order to get these photos. I like seeing how quickly I can pull it off without causing blur.


Last night’s full moon was more of a challenge since it was cloudy. It created this nice, hazy moon texture. I even took some photos of the clouds around it for texture’s sake. I also did…this…


Looks like some kind of conspiracy, huh? Nah, I just overexposed the camera. Pretty intense, isn’t it? To think that you can create an image like this from a normal scene like the previous picture. This might be inspiration for a painting…

I hope to get a telescope soon to be able to peek up there a little longer. After all, the camera itself still isn’t great at picking up stars…not that a lot can be seen from where I am in the first place. I hope to travel back to the mountains someday and look again at the real sky.

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