About Me

I joined this social media website called about.me not too long ago. I still don’t really “get it” (it turns out that social media that isn’t Twitter eludes me completely — it might be my tendency toward quietness, and maybe I should develop a Game Plan with it), but there must be something to it: a whole bunch of people have viewed my profile over the past few weeks, and my mug wound up on the trending pages for a little while. Whoa!

(I’m still not really sure what actually happened, though. But I’m glad people like my page.)

The simplicity is what drew me in to begin with. The direct nature as well. It’s very open. I should delve deeper! One can discover more about oneself by knowing more people, after all.

As you can see, my face also made its way on over to Vitalii Levets’ concept for an about.me app which does, in fact, trump the site’s current mobile look. Nice!

(For the record, that photo of me comes courtesy of Jeremiah Weeden-Wright, and is currently the only decent HD picture of me around. Wahoo! My hair is longer now, though!)

Designer, artist, author, comic enthusiast, and geek about visual design/video games/Japan/human rights. Among other things!

One Reply to “About Me”

  1. Mike says:

    This reminds me that I, too, have an about.me page. I never quite got it, either. XD Yours looks really nice though!