Photo Friday: Part One

Here’s an idea for regular posts that are just a little easier to stick with than Fanart Fridays or Sketchy Sundays – Photo Fridays!

Every couple of weeks on Friday, I’ll post some of my more interesting photos that I’ve taken throughout the course of my daily life. I finally got a camera that’s worth something, so I can take pictures again, and I’m so glad — I got a real taste of photography back in college, and I’ve always wanted to do a little more with it. I love nature and macro photography, so look out for lots of my local flora as I try to push the capabilities of my advanced point-and-shoot.

Pictures like, for instance:

I personally am glad that I’m able to take any sort of moon photos now. Exciting! Look at that. There’s detail! I also took a bunch of photos of weeds in my yard. I personally like trying to get into that tiny world, take a peek at the ants crawling around and all the wild strawberries, too!

Please look forward to more!

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