Yule Love These Burning Log Videos

‘Tis the season for watching endless videos of logs burning! My typical go-to is the somewhat painful* yet still mesmerizing yule log book burning on the Colbert Report’s Christmas special DVD, but the internet has rushed to meet instant demand with a lot of equally desirable options, the most popular of which this year is Li’l Bub’s Yule Log video.

Li’l Bub honestly creeps me out a little bit, but it’s hard to look away. Also, cat sounds along with the crackling of smoked wood are pretty relaxing.

If that’s not enough for you, have these as well. Guaranteed to make you feel warm, or I’ll eat a fruitcake!

Even if you live in a tropical¬†area¬†or don’t particularly like the holidays, you can enjoy these videos if you like watching things burn. The latent arsonist in you will thank you.

The novelty of having to wait for a yule log channel on TV is long gone, but in turn you have a lot of free options here. Isn’t that nice?

I’m starting to wish I had a real fireplace. Don’t you?

I highly recommend Chromecasting these to your TV as you read or work in your home. Sometimes you just need a bit of warming calm.

* I don’t like seeing books burned, even if they’re garbage books.

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