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Inaugural Blog Post

Hey! It’s a brand new website! Things with me are usually pretty slow, personally. It’s been pretty…laid-back since graduation, I’ve worn some of the same clothes since high school, and I still haven’t watched all the original Star Wars movies. I could write about that at length (in fact, I think I’ll make that my […]

Kishidan’s New Album (And My Favorite Kishidan Songs)

Kishidan, another of my favorite six-man bands, is releasing a new album: Kisarazu Graffiti!

It came out a few days ago. I want it so, so badly.

Kishidan is one of my favorite Japanese bands. Singing songs with themes ranging from camaraderie to love to just plain badassery, their classic style is fierce and unforgettable. Jump the cut and see some of my favorite songs/videos of theirs!

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Wolverine, the Redneck Mullet-Bearing Bishounen

As someone on a forum I go to put it. See for yourself:

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