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One Really Good Shot: Your Sweetness is Your Weakness

Produced by Dead or Alive Watch the video (NSFW!): RIP, Pete Burns

One Really Good Shot: Holy Calamavote

Directed by Thomac C. Bingham

Every Noise at Once

There’s a way to discover new musical genres, or find the name of the genre you’ve been really into for the past half year! That’s this website:

Every Noise at Once

Enter your favorite artist and you’ll find genres related to that artist. Click a genre and you’ll find a large word cloud of artists it applies to! Then, click on one of their names and a clip from their top song on Spotify will begin to play. Click again to be taken to that song on Spotify! For instance, I entered “Dead or Alive”, clicked on synth pop, and found a bunch of tangentially similar sounds. Fun!

Thanks to my friend Collin for showing me this website!

Intense Kirby Medley

I found this huge medley of Kirby music while looking for something on YouTube. All the various tunes from the Dark Matter trilogy are ordered in a way that makes them flow right into one another perfectly! The Kirby games have some of my favorite traditional video game soundtracks overall, and I’ve admired them since I was a kid. Please give it a listen! I like to start my day with it sometimes.

David Bowie 8-Bit

I came across these nice remixes of David Bowie’s music in 8-Bit while making All My Bowies. Give them all a listen and a like if you like them, too:

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Reminding You That It’s Okay

In this day and age, people get more worked up about certain things than they need to. In fact, people being inundated about information about the entire world should cause that — but wait a moment, take a breath. Things aren’t all bad, or even half bad.

Here are some Japanese songs to remind you of that:

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Kishidan’s New Album (And My Favorite Kishidan Songs)

Kishidan, another of my favorite six-man bands, is releasing a new album: Kisarazu Graffiti!

It came out a few days ago. I want it so, so badly.

Kishidan is one of my favorite Japanese bands. Singing songs with themes ranging from camaraderie to love to just plain badassery, their classic style is fierce and unforgettable. Jump the cut and see some of my favorite songs/videos of theirs!

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Since it’s Music Month here at Nippon-Ichigo, I’ll make some more music-oriented posts. Like this news that burst onto the internet a couple days ago: Quaff, the band which I posted about earlier this year, is basically getting made-over! Makito, the band’s guitarist and leader, announced via Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook that all the current […]