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Paper Daisy + Paper Luigi: A Perfect Match

It’s kinda rough, but this trial of paint marker on canvas was a birthday gift to my good friends Kala & Ben a couple years ago! They were once known for couples-cosplaying Daisy and Luigi, respectively, which I was a big fan of. So, I had to do something to commemorate that one year — […]

Childhood Throwback: Super Mario Paper Dolls

When I was a kid, I loved to “make my own fun”. Back then there was a dearth of video game merch, and we were poor anyways, so I did the dang thing myself and made Super Mario paper dolls pretty much as soon as I learned about the concept! I would apologize for the […]

Marios Made

Before my job became more involving, I was planning on making mini-arts for each of my Mario Maker levels! I only ended up making two… (Note: These levels are no longer available as of 2020.)   Mario © Nintendo


Based on a misreading of a username in a Splatoon lobby. Speaking of Splatoon, I’ve got to write about it soon… Mario © Nintendo

The Mario Violinist (and More Mario)

You should know, I’m on a real Mario kick right now. With the recent release of Super Mario Galaxy 2, not to mention E3 with all the other great returning classic platform heroes, I just want to play video games all day. But such desires of the id are played down and subdued, only to be lived out in my fantasies while I watch video game related media at work.

(Nah, I’m working, honestly… with a little peep here and there.)

So anyway, I got a real kick out of this:

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