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IgNoct – Stolen Moments

“You wore it well.” 2022, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint. A double-page spread illustrated for Stolen Moments, an 18+, not-for-profit fan zine for Ignis and Noctis of Final Fantasy XV. This project raised $749.52 for The Trevor Project.

Chocobo Tile

2007, Clip Studio Paint. I made a cute chocobo pattern for a fictional character’s nurse scrubs. I think it came out pretty cute! By the way, feel free to use this (with proper credit given) on your web profiles. Chocobos © Square-Enix

Marios Made

Before my job became more involving, I was planning on making mini-arts for each of my Mario Maker levels! I only ended up making two… (Note: These levels are no longer available as of 2020.)   Mario © Nintendo

Sketchy Sunday: The Second

It’s about time I added some more Sketchy Sunday posts! I meant to be drawing a lot more every day, especially these past few weeks, but I do have some drawing projects planned, especially when it comes to working my way back to larger pieces. Anyway, check out these doodles form the last few months. What […]

Tiny Witches

It’s Tiny Witch, the world’s tiniest witch. Fan art for Dreamsweeper, a game in development. I also drew SwapNote Nikki for a friend back around Halloween time! She is the Double Wizard, wielding her Orb Wand and Pencil Wand.


I drew Mushu for Tom Bancroft’s birthday earlier this year! Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies! Have you seen the concept art for it? It’s incredible. Mushu © Disney

Item Haver

Fan art for Item Haver, a game currently in development. They sure do “have” a lot of “items”… Item Haver © Tcheska

Kirby: Queen Sectonia

For a collaboration of Kirby bosses, I illustrated Queen Sectonia, the final boss of Kirby Triple Deluxe! Her battle’s music, “DIRTY & BEAUTY“, captures perfectly the theme of her villainy. She quickly became one of my favorite bosses of the whole Kirby series. Sectonia © Nintendo