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Tiny Witches

It’s Tiny Witch, the world’s tiniest witch. Fan art for Dreamsweeper, a game in development. I also drew SwapNote Nikki for a friend back around Halloween time! She is the Double Wizard, wielding her Orb Wand and Pencil Wand.


I drew Mushu for Tom Bancroft’s birthday earlier this year! Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies! Have you seen the concept art for it? It’s incredible.

Kirby: Queen Sectonia

For a collaboration of Kirby bosses, I illustrated Queen Sectonia, the final boss of Kirby Triple Deluxe! Her battle’s music, “DIRTY & BEAUTY“, captures perfectly the theme of her villainy. She quickly became one of my favorite bosses of the whole Kirby series.

Snowball Fight

  Last year’s holiday card to my friends and family, featuring my original characters. This was my first artwork on which I used spot gloss, which is just fantastic. (It really brings out the bright colors — I love bright colors, if you haven’t noticed.)

Nuni Character Illustrations

2010. Cat character illustrations for an undisclosed project. Some are celebrity-inspired.