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Squid For It

My pal Connor happened to make an earworm/brain worm of mine real, so in turn I of course had to make this graphic.

Please enjoy Death Grips – Known for It (Squid Version):

It’s the Final Splatfest!

The final Splatfest for Splatoon 1 came sooner than I thought, a little over a year after the game launched! It pitted our two favorite squids, Callie and Marie, against each other, and while my team lost, we’re all winners in the end — united in the game of Splatoon! Keep splatting, y’all! Callie and […]

Splatoon’s First Anniversary

Splatoon, Nintendo’s first, greatest foray into the realm of online shooters, turned a year old on the 27th! I drew this picture for the occasion!