#SGDQ2016: Drawings Done Quick

This year’s record-breaking Summer Games Done Quick charity game marathon was very fun and a huge success! I’m grateful to the runners, volunteers, staff, supporters, viewers, and especially the tech crew that made things run very smoothly the whole way through. It was pretty amazing and unique! There was everything: heartwarming moments, complete AM breakdowns, records broken, hearts united… I always enjoy watching the variety of games being streamed and even picked up some new ones on my radar. (Too bad my game backlog is enormous… Thanks, Steam.)

As usual, I posted some very quick drawings throughout the week based on the games that were being played! In order:

gimmick-sgdq2016 Gimmick!

hype-jump-sgdq2016 Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland

mmx2-sgdq2016 Mega Man X2

esperterra-sgde2016 Final Fantasy VI

mallow-sgdq2016 Super Mario RPG

I made a Kirby star block pattern in Illustrator too. (I love Kirby!)


Here’s looking forward to Awesome Games Done Quick on January 8th!

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