Stickers at Kupocon 2019!

I already can’t remember enough to tell you about this awesome trip. Momentous as my first solo trip, as well as my first trip to the northern US (and specifically New Jersey/New York), my trip to Kupocon: The Bigger Pom was a fun weekend full of meetings, reunions, and Final Fantasy!

One of the things I had done specifically for the weekend was create these stickers to give to friends and cosplayers at the event! And they were a big hit! I enjoyed watching everyone’s reactions to them, especially toe-beans Nyactis and Adam Croasdell with my Pignis:

Here are a few of my favorite photos from that weekend:

And here are more of my favorite Kupocon: The Bigger Pom photos, along with some bonus selfies!

Did you know you can buy the above-mentioned stickers online as well?

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