MTAC 18th Battalion Logo

2017, Photoshop/Illustrator. Logo for MTAC’s 18th year theme, “18th Battalion”.

War is hell. There should be a lot less of it, to say the least. But there is a lot of anime about war, and about the eternal struggle of humankind — our own personal wars within our hearts and minds.

Originally going for a more Western-familiar and extremely-common coat-of-arms look, I eventually broke away from this idea in favor of traditional Japanese wooden plank shields, which have a pleasant look and are more theme-appropriate.

The idea to do a shield paired with familiar video game and anime weapons was interesting, but ultimately too chaotic and hard-to-read.

This was a challenge, as this is a genre I am not very into personally; however, the fun is in the challenge, to ultimately present with something harmonious that also fits within one’s aesthetic, as well as to find and learn something new in the process.

I do still like the paired flag/shield idea, but it wouldn’t reduce well. There were other ideas involving animal bites and kanji.

Watch its debut here:

One of the things the era of samurai left us with are priceless works of art, and I hope the serenity of the plank shield’s shape helps you appreciate the crafts of old — even if originally intended for battle.

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