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Yoga Isn’t a Cure; It’s Therapy

And we need whatever we can get in this world. Yoga is aged, accessible, and therapeutic. I started yoga for the simple reason of wanting to touch my toes, since I had never been able to in the 20-something years it had been when I started. (Besides that, I was also physically miserable from doing […]

Yogi Bear

From an inside joke earlier this year… A more zen imagining of an old classic. (You shouldn’t do yoga with a hat on.) I grew up with lots of old cartoons like Yogi Bear and Tom & Jerry. Do you think I should re-imagine more classic cartoons? It’s pretty tough (if recent media is any indication) […]

Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival, Taiko, and Evolution

Sakura Matsuri Yes, this was a LONG time ago now, but I’ll write a little about it now. Honestly, I have a hard time blogging about events I go to (for me it’s always a “you had to be there” experience that’s hard to quantify with words), but they’re always worth at least a few […]