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One Really Good Shot: The Gumby Show

The Gumby Show, 1957–1969 Created by Art Clokey (From @GumbyScreens)

O-Town Road

2020, Clip Studio Paint. Well, I’m gonna take my Heffer to the O-Town Road

Yogi Bear

From an inside joke earlier this year… A more zen imagining of an old classic. (You shouldn’t do yoga with a hat on.) I grew up with lots of old cartoons like Yogi Bear and Tom & Jerry. Do you think I should re-imagine more classic cartoons? It’s pretty tough (if recent media is any indication) […]

5 Characters That Have Huge Eyes (and Aren’t From Anime)

From the very onset of my discovery of anime, I’ve noticed one of its staples amidst Western fans and critics alike have been the “huge, sparkly eyes”. It can’t be denied — it’s become such a staple that there are now contacts to simulate the look of them, and also stuff like this. It’s especially […]