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“Witchsona” WIP

A while back, a big sort-of art meme was going around where one renders themselves as a witch — “witchsona“. It was very cute: there were all sorts of witches. Cute witches, traditional witches, creepy witches, modern casual witches, Harry Potter-type witches, Hocus Pocus-type witches, Cardcaptor Sakura-type witches… I always love seeing the range of […]

The WIP Problem

As you might’ve noticed with my previous WIP(s), they’re still not done. Finishing things is sometimes challenging, but especially after posting them in some form on the internet for anyone to see. For someone who does many different things through the day, posting a WIP in general feels like a sort of fulfillment, an accomplishment in itself past […]

Writings to Come

To be honest with you: putting my writing out there to be read willy-nilly is still sort of daunting to me. I welcome all sorts of feedback when it comes to my art and my design, but writing is such a personal thing that to have it scrutinized can be paralyzing. (People who make a living doing […]