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Great Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami

I actually have a lot of articles planned right now, all lying dormant due to a momentary dip in language-studying momentum and real-life happenings. Yet all those things pale in face of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami which has rocked northern Japan. Last Thursday I went to bed at a decent time, for […]


Meta Knight from the Kirby series

This post was originally written by my good friend, Carolyn Neely! Hiya guys! I’m Carolyn, and I suck at introductions! So now that that’s out of the way, I’m going to talk about bento. Specifically, kyaraben (or charaben), which is short for ‘character bento.’ This is a style of bento box where the ingredients are elaborately arranged […]

Ambassadors of Kawaii

Kawaii is more than just a word meaning “cute” to be thrown around by 14-year-old manga fans on deviantArt. In Japan, it’s an entire culture, one that has captured the hearts of many and slowly rolled its way westwards to claim others as well. Good thing, too: I’m weak to adorable and tiny things. Very […]

KeyHoleTV: Now in More Flavors

KeyHole TV is a great resource for both the bored and the learning. I discovered it sometime last year, but I forgot how. It is a program with which you can watch live TV streaming from Japan!

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And Now, Dinosaurs are Real (Again)

Japan has brought one of my dreams to life! Augmented reality dinosaurs! That’s cool as hell! I was a big ol’ dinosaur fanatic when I was younger (to the point where I wanted to go into paleontology—yeah, that big), but unfortunately I’ve never so much as seen dinosaur bones. Visiting this would at least somewhat […]