Things directly relating to visual non-moving stimuli from Japan.


Meta Knight from the Kirby series

This post was originally written by my good friend, Carolyn Neely! Hiya guys! I’m Carolyn, and I suck at introductions! So now that that’s out of the way, I’m going to talk about bento. Specifically, kyaraben (or charaben), which is short for ‘character bento.’ This is a style of bento box where the ingredients are elaborately arranged […]

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Japanese Bar Codes

I like to see practical things with a creative/cute design spin. I was going through the backlog of one of my favorite websites and saw these adorable Japanese barcode designs, created by Japanese design company D-Barcode: What a cool way to enhance such a common thing! My favorites are umbrella-related!

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Mind-Reading Billboards (Or Not)

Well, we’ve arrived. We’ve come to the point where billboards can scan us and feature advertising based on what we (might) like. This is all thanks to Yahoo! Japan, which is kinda like Japan’s Google, if you get what I mean. It won’t be long now—this fall, in fact. First they’ll start off small, then […]

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