Bubble Planet

My first completed minicomic, Bubble Planet, brings to lifeĀ one small yet interesting adventure for the small yet interesting crew of spherical spaceship Dreamsaver! This interplanetary group, consisting of a father, his daughter, and a space pirate, make their way through the cosmos in search of anything new…and something theoretical!

The crew of the Dreamsaver crash land on a bizarre planet — but life in a bubble doesn’t have to be bad! The debut adventure of a curious trio!

These characters have been in my head for a while. I wanted to make a short, easy-to-draw comic as a gift to friends and cool people at TCAF 2015, so I made this comic starring them within a span of about one and a half weeks using PaintTool Sai.


(And if you ever meet me, ask for a mini!)

There are more adventures to be had!

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