The Asterism Design Studio 2015

In creating an updated, more mobile-friendly display of my recent/favorite works, I’ve again turned to Codrops — thanks to which I now have a Google Images-esque grid display of my desired projects.


I enjoy simple, elegant, single-page, backwards-compatible solutions like this, so I had to go with it. In truth, I had wanted to do something like this last year, but went with an alternative I preferred at the time but proved to be bandwidth-intense and awkward.

Almost all of the View Detail links lead to the project posts on this website.

The old version of the site is still up, as well as a few versions older than it, as I like to leave them up as a view of progression, especially the one that netted me a local Student Addy some years back. Since the prior version still shares a CSS file with the new, some things have changed about it — notably, all the dark near-black is gone, and I reduced the filesize of several the image files. Compare and contrast!

Designer, artist, author, comic enthusiast, and geek about visual design/video games/Japan/human rights. Among other things!

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