Sketchy Sunday: New Setup

I haven’t been sketching so much lately, but that’s about to change! This is because…I finally have a desk setup that’s both conducive to drawing and mobile! My new laptop is a Lenovo Yoga 720, one of those two-in-one laptop/tablets that I just recently learned are a thing, and it’s good for a lot of uses, not the least of which is drawing directly on the screen with a Wacom pen. Now I have a place to hunker down on long, more involving projects — my home office, where the desktop resides — as well as a separate space for entertainment, zen, and necessary creativity. (It’s much easier for me to work digitally, but there’s also room for an easel and paint supplies!)

I’d needed a new laptop since my other one broke down last year, forcing me to carry out all my digital work at my desktop, the same place I do almost all my other digital hobbies and work. It’s not healthy to stay fixed in one room all day for work and for play, even if it can be comfortable. I can work almost anywhere now (except maybe outside in direct sunlight, as the laptop’s screen is super glossy), which is increasingly important as the transitory nature of the modern work life and the need to balance that with more healthy needs continues!

I hope they produce something like a keyboard-side cover for this type of laptop eventually. It’s something I worry about, if only because the first model shipped to me had a hardware defect in its keyboard, making me ever more conscious of it while it’s in tablet mode. (Unlike the Surface, the top and bottom do not detach — but this does mean dedicated GPU is always there.)

The Sketches!

Anyway, expect to see me sketching more, now that I have virtually no excuses not to!

Here’s the last thing I doodled with my Wacom tablet (which I’ll still be using at my desktop). This is a character you should be seeing more of sooner than later…

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