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Nippon-Ichigo is Here!

A good while back, I said that I was going to integrate my old blog, Nippon-Ichigo, into this website. Well, save a small handful of articles I may rework for this site, it’s finally been done! The old domain will be sunset, and the most substantive posts have been brought over and added to their […]

Coming Soon: Nippon-Ichigo!

A long time ago, I started a website called Nippon-Ichigo in anticipation of blogging about my theoretical experience of living in Japan at the same time as filing my first application to JET. Talk about putting the cart before the horse, right? Ah, classic me. I learned a lot of interesting things in the process […]

Studio Ghibli Could Close!

At least, that’s what I just heard. Pending the success of the American release of its next film, Arietty the Borrower, they could keep going, or they could tank. As one of my favorite animation studios, this could be a tragedy! I want to see Studio Ghibli stand firm and produce classic feature animations long […]