Infinite Craft: First Discoveries

Infinite Craft screenshots of first discoveries: Octodad Dadliest Snow, Hobey, Hobey-Wan Kenobi, Glitter Fruit, Prince Fruit Salad, Drunken Were-oven, Bio-Piranha Dracula, James Owlward, James Wrought, Crimea River Garp, Owllax, Taco-pork Pie, and Super Dada Pikachu

I’m addicted to crafting in games, which is why I have to be choosy about the ones I play. Infinite Craft toes the line between “something I spend too much time on” and “what am I doing with my life”.

Fortunately the urge to just mess around with this all day was quickly quelled. Here are some of my good first-discoveries. Luckily nothing too unsavory popped up for me, but I heard it can happen, so be careful!

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