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MTAC 18th Battalion Logo

2017, Photoshop/Illustrator. Logo for MTAC’s 18th year theme, “18th Battalion”. War is hell. There should be a lot less of it, to say the least. But there is a lot of anime about war, and about the eternal struggle of humankind — our own personal wars within our hearts and minds. Originally going for a more Western-familiar and […]

MTAC in Love Website Comp

2013, Photoshop. A work-in-progress design comp for the MTAC 2014 website theme. Keeping with large use of the year’s theme (love) and colors (pink and sky blue), this new general layout for the homepage was aimed to create a more useful and dynamic display of information to visitors, which could easily be updated as well […]

MTAC: Devil’s Dozen Website

2012, Photoshop. A simple website design comp for Middle Tennessee Anime Convention’s 2013 theme. It closely follows the structure of previous years’ website layouts but simplifies it visually.

MTAC Omega

2012. As Visual Communications Coordinator, I collaborated with Middle Tennessee Anime Convention’s marketing team to create promotional design pieces for MTAC Omega, their 2012 theme. This included: Flyers Web Ads and Graphics Signage On-Location Convention Guide Layout The Website   The “end of the world” theme is seen in a lot of anime and was highlighted […]