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Awesome Website: Wonderwall

Wonderwall is an interior design firm established by Masamichi Katayama. And it’s AWESOME. And what’s more, its website is also AWESOME. I do enjoy a well-presented Interior Design website, so this is excellent. What’s impressive about the site itself can be seen in motion, so go and click around. On top of all that site-ly […]

Kousuke Sugimoto Animation

How did I ever live not knowing that this man existed?

As I attempt to immerse myself in more independent short animation, things like this continually restore my love for the art. Restooore!

I can’t stop watching this now…

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And Now, Dinosaurs are Real (Again)

Japan has brought one of my dreams to life! Augmented reality dinosaurs! That’s cool as hell! I was a big ol’ dinosaur fanatic when I was younger (to the point where I wanted to go into paleontology—yeah, that big), but unfortunately I’ve never so much as seen dinosaur bones. Visiting this would at least somewhat […]


We have another life-sized robot replica on its way–the first ever Giant Robot from the early days of anime.

Gundam is Real

At least, realer now than it was before. Now that we’ve realized the dream, we can relish in what is a statue of Pure Awesome smack in the middle of Odaiba, Tokyo’s Shiokaze Park. It was built to scale in honor of Mobile Suit Gundam‘s 30th anniversary. In a matter of time they’ll have made […]