Adventure Science Center

For the final project in Advertising I, the class was to create marketing materials to present live to the owners of the Adventure Science Center. This project was especially exciting for me, having loved the Science Center since I was little, and was well-received. These focused and illustrated advertisements promote some of the main features of the Center, including the then-new Sudekum Planetarium.



I always thought the Center needed its own mascot, so I designed a concept: a cute dinosaur, tying in with the scientific nature of dinosaur study. There were also some other ideas presented: Dil Dilophosaurus full-body signage, wall decals, etc.

This project was special to me in other ways; besides getting to create a mascot out of my favorite dinosaur, the dilophosaurus, I made the highest grade of all my projects there, and was presented with the class award for presentation and effort, which, with this being the last project, I got to keep. This award became sort of a funny in-joke for the class; it started out as a normal miniature drawing mannequin. The person who got it after each project was able to alter it in the way that they chose to present to the next; the person who had it before me converted it into a “Daddy award”, playing both off the Addy awards and the combined initials + surname of our teacher.

Designer, artist, author, comic enthusiast, and geek about visual design/video games/Japan/human rights. Among other things!

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