About Me

$quotes = array(
‘Crab Mama for Six Years’,
‘First Person in Her Family to Touch a Jellyfish’,
‘A Kind of Geeky Designer’,
‘Loved Tchaikovsky Since Childhood’,
‘Taller Than a Great Dane’,
‘Has Too Many Games on Steam’,
‘Pokemon Trainer since 1997’,
‘Aspiring World-Traveler’,
‘Always Ready to Mario Party’,
‘Destined to Eat All the Pasta in Italy’,
‘Always Sides with Luigi’,
‘Passionately Interested in Too Many Things’
$rand = rand( 0, count($quotes)-1 );
echo $quotes[$rand];

A huge geek award-winning graphic designer, developer, and artist lurking in the midst of Nashville. Beware! She’s taped together fake picture books when she was 4 and has continued on in a similar, and continuously improving, creative fashion throughout all of her life. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from O’More College of Design in 2008, founding The Asterism Design Studio, and has been communicating visually since then with her Visual Communications degree. She’s had several independent comic and illustration projects since 2003, as well as a novella first published in 2006. She’s worked with local events and organizations to create their promotional materials and branding, as well as international healthcare companies and tech startups. She has a passion for photography and bugs (and hopes to someday travel the world taking photos of said bugs). She’s way too into Twitter and Nintendo and has a huge backlog of video games, novels, and movies across genres. She also gets worked up about conceptual art and animation, The Lion King, The Secret of NIMH, andPrincess Mononoke being among her favorite movies.

(Those who know her would probably describe her as disquietingly quiet, calculating, creative, and secretly bold. Find out more.)
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