Photo Friday: BIPOC Vampire Day 2021

Ọkàn was a mess as a human, and now they’re a messy vampire, too.

I made up a guy for #BIPOCVampireDay, which was the weekend of the 18th! A vampire, to be specific!

“Cute” is my style, so I went with that for this daywalking ball of chaos. Don’t let their pale and elegant attire fool you! They’re out for happy blood, so smile when they bite!

Some behind-the-scenes info: this vampire only has one fang because they broke it while “testing them out” on various things (like sap trees). It’s also because I can’t fit a fang over my left canine because of the odd shape of its crown! It was pretty hard to keep the other in as well, so maybe this is for the best…

I figured out a few things during this shoot and should be able to set up better photos in the future! I really enjoyed this outfit and will enjoy wearing it to functions in the future (as a non-vampire).

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