Writing Promo: Spring-Summer 2021

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s quickly cobbling together promotional images from free stock. These were done over the course of a couple hours for some fandom writings a few months back:

Excerpt from "A Family Can be a Mad Scientist, a Cursed Demigod, and a Clone": “Garulet, what have I told you about coming into the lab?” He snapped close a container of ancient plasmodium and slid it away. “It’s dangerous for you.” Prompto gasped and hid again. “Oh, come out. I won’t be fooled.” Prompto peeked out again, a solemn, chubby face attempting to suppress his curiosity. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I just wanna be smart, like you.”

Excerpt from Stay at Mine: The blond unzipped his own pants, having grown uncomfortable again. The sweater was enough by itself; if he didn’t free something, he would simply ignite. Ignis reached quickly to seize him, simultaneously kissing him again as they kept firm hold of each other. He couldn’t resist. He probably had just a few more seconds before giving in to Prompto’s intent, and if he could finish him off first, well… Just another thing to playfully gloat about between them later. “No fair!” Prompto breathed between flicks of tongue. “Your idea,” Ignis returned, tilting his head the other way and pressing Prompto against the couch.

Excerpt from To Love Your Majesty: A sharp gasp. “Suppose that never stopped you.” He remembered the last time they did this. The first time. Prompto had been so insistent, and much less clothed; it riled him up even more than he would’ve been at the mere suggestion. When Ignis had shown any hesitance in their very public and hardly locked spot, Prompto’s had lips curled, and he’d spoken, “You’re the king. Who’s gonna question you?” Ignis had disagreed. They had both been buck naked in the next minute.

Excerpt from A Stray Cat: What is less futile is working on Noctis. Watching him open up. Coaxing out that King. And at this point, working on Noctis’s home is the easy part. Ignis is the first to arrive at Noctis’s place with his offerings. When Noctis opens the door, he is a changed man. “Noc…Ater!” Ignis stares down at Noctis, who has completely shaved his beard. Only a few knicks covered in shards of toilet paper can be seen. He otherwise appears smooth. Noctis stares up at Ignis, waiting for him to say anything. “…Yeah?” It feels like a full minute has passed. Ignis is transfixed. Not only does Noctis look younger, but his eyes are that much more pronounced somehow: deep blue, as the night of a full moon. Yet, all that comes out of his mouth is, “Took the blade to it all, did you?”

Excerpt from In Good Hands: December 14th, 760 - I’m Prompto [crossed out] - Hey there. I’m Prompto Argentum. How are you? ...Neglected, I know. I bought you a whole year ago and didn’t write a single word in you, did I? I’m really, really sorry, okay? Got your hopes up by buying you and then left you here to rot, didn’t I? I’m awful [crossed out]. I just really didn’t want to burden you with all this trouble. But I guess that’s what you’re there for, right? Well, if it’s ever too much, just… uh…

Excerpt from Cravings: Only daybreak could wake Ignis from such a heavy slumber. It was not just that the sun had risen, but that it had begun to cast its glow across the two of them, a sliver of a ray announcing its presence and suggesting, in Ignis’s eye, that he should wake. Prompto smoldered lightly where the sun hit his skin, though not enough to rouse him, and without further disturbance, Ignis unwound himself from the loving tangle of pale limbs to rise to the curtains and draw them shut. Then he admired the blond in his peaceful sleep. What he wouldn’t give to witness him in the full glory of daylight, skin warm and red and livened with sustenance. Ignis wove himself back into Prompto’s arms, and they continued to doze.

Note: stock images were sourced from Freepik and Freeimages.

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