Photo Friday: Look at My Cat

During my past few years of drastic change and growth, one of the best things I did was adopt a cat. Meet Tina Turner.

(I didn’t name her, by the way, but it’s So Her.)

With a past as tragic as her namesake, this vocal feline was up on Petfinder for months before I finally decided to adopt. She is a very sweet, older cat (9 years old now, though her birthday is unknown) with a big need to live in comfort, love, and be loved. ❤️ She likes meowing at 3AM, denim textures, phone calls, following me around, sitting in my lap as I work (even when there’s no room), and forcing her head into my hands for pets.

Also, I take photos of her nonstop. Evidently, 8,000+ in the one year I’ve had her. I’ve even drawn her, but not often enough.

She’s just really photogenic! In fact, I had to create a spot just to put my best photos of her…

You should follow her Instagram account, which just passed 100 followers! Hooray!

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