Nippon-Ichigo is Here!

A good while back, I said that I was going to integrate my old blog, Nippon-Ichigo, into this website. Well, save a small handful of articles I may rework for this site, it’s finally been done! The old domain will be sunset, and the most substantive posts have been brought over and added to their own category:

Now, why would I put all these (4o or so) Actual Decade Old articles on here? Do I really expect people to go back and read things I idly wrote post-college (and pre-job) while still daydreaming about living in Japan? Not really, but there are some posts that highlight some interesting things, and everything had been written earnestly. Here are some of my favs, among things that still interest me in general:

I still need to work on more thoroughly editing some of the wordier articles and making sure I got all the broken links, but everything should be in pretty good shape considering how inaccessible they had been on my other, mildly-abandoned website.

In the meantime, thanks for checking them out!

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