Freckles: A Prompto Argentum Fan Zine

I’ve been quiet a while for reasons I may post about in further detail later. The short of it is that I’ve been taking a break and enjoying more of life, spurring myself toward pleasurable activities and now short projects — such as this one!

Freckles: A Prompto Zine is a 20-page fan zine for my favorite Final Fantasy XV character (and probably one of my favorite characters ever)! It contains 8 full-color illustrations featuring Prompto (2 with additional variations) as well as a 5-page, short-and-sweet story in the back.

I’m attending TCAF once again this year as a looker-onner and will have 12 of these in tow. Find me wandering around with an iconic yellow bag and please inquire as to how to acquire this Prompto goodness. Maybe you’ll have to do the chocobo dance to get one?


Prompto and all Final Fantasy XV characters © Square-Enix

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