Undertale’s First Birthday

UNDERTALE came out over a year ago. Can you believe it? It still feels like just yesterday when it burst onto the scene in non-violent glory. I’m so glad that many people ended up loving this game — it even made the local anime convention more fun than usual earlier this year.

It was seriously great, y’all. Photo from MTAC last year.

A Special Year

I still think about this game every day, whether it’s getting emotional over its soundtrack or thinking of how great certain parts made me feel. (Or, considering the essential horror certain routes produced, terrified…)

Want to get emotional with me? Watch this fan animation that came out on its birthday! Undyne is my favorite character and my life’s goal. Consider listening to this free fan remix album as well!

Thank you, Toby Fox, for making this incredible game for us all. <3

On another note, I’ll be posting a follow-up to this Undertale post from last year later this week. I maintain that you should play Undertale if you love video games (but don’t look at either of those links if you haven’t actually played it yet…).

Undertale © Toby Fox

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