New Stickers! Uh-Oh! Monsters & Berry Crabby

Hello! I made some stickers, because stickers are cute and fun to design!

Introducing the first run of what could be a series of “Uh-Oh! Monsters” and “Berry Crabby” fruit crab stickers!


The monsters are cute and largely harmless — they just want to adorn your planners, sketchbooks, phones, and whatever else you’ve got a mind to stick them to!

I’ll be giving these away at TCAF this weekend (in extremely limited quantities), so if you’ll be there, please inquire!


This berry sweet hermit crab is already available online, but I’ll also give one to everyone who says “hi”! I’ll have plenty of those! Hey, doesn’t this type of crab seem familiar? Hmm…




These extremely high-quality stickers were printed by StickerMule, who (VERY) quickly addressed all my concerns and went above and beyond for me!

Depending on how they’re received, I’ll make more — and I have a lot of sticker designs in mind already, so I hope people enjoy them!

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