I Love Avatar Image Generators

It’s true. Though most of what I love about them lies in exploring their limitations regarding hair that looks like my actual IRL hair, and skintones. The usual prognosis? Not good. Big, curly hair in particular, and even short hair for women, seems not to be favored by a lot of artists that make these things. But sometimes — rarely — it’s surprising, such as with the recent Peanutize Me, which managed to render my actual self.

These images below also tell a hidden story when shown alongside each other: in this case, the story of my hair and its various changes over the course of the past few years (mostly its onward and outward growth, coinciding with my cessation of chemical straightener use).

Note: I don’t have the sources for most of these as most are very old, but I’ve included Chanrio and this JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure face maker. One is also from the official Pokémon website, and another is from a thing Stephen Colbert did years ago.

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