Designing 3D Spaces: Valentin’s Apartment

For an upcoming comic project, there are a lot of interior scenes that take place inside of an apartment. Nobody but the especially mathematically inclined enjoy drawing interior scenes in a comic over and over at different angles in their free time. So, after getting this idea from another webcomic artist, I created a 3D reference version of this living space in SketchUp.


This not only takes off the pressure of having to continually gauge distances and proportions of all the things in the apartment; it would allow me to accurately draw any angle of it. Time saver!

As you can see, at first this started off on a simpler scale, but I soon realized that it needed to be constructed in the way you’d build a real interior model of a living space, so I got into some tutorials and did the best I could with resources found in the SketchUp market. I was impressed — there are a lot of free, quality 3D models of objects, to the point where I could not only replicate my idea of the space but add a little bit more to it.

The model can also be viewed on an outline level, making it that much simpler for me to be able to reference it for drawing purposes, as I did in my concept piece.

The original sketch and floor plan I created in Adobe Illustrator and imported to SketchUp. It’s the first time I’ve done something like this for a creative project. It will serve me well!

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