Writings to Come

To be honest with you: putting my writing out there to be read willy-nilly is still sort of daunting to me. I welcome all sorts of feedback when it comes to my art and my design, but writing is such a personal thing that to have it scrutinized can be paralyzing. (People who make a living doing it, I salute you. You are heroes.)

I’ve written so much over the years, but so little of it has been seen. And, good or bad, it’s effectively worthless if none of it is ever read.

So, I plan on finally debuting some of my short stories online later this year. And they’ll debut right here, in this tag! I have a myriad of original stories and a couple for-fun writings based on existing worlds that I can post. Be on the lookout, readers!

To come:

How to Motivate a Dead Person (original)

Excerpts from Phoenix Born, a fantasy novel

Overgrowth (a Pokemon Coming-of-Age Tale)

And more!

Designer, artist, author, comic enthusiast, and geek about visual design/video games/Japan/human rights. Among other things!

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