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KeyHoleTV: Now in More Flavors

KeyHole TV is a great resource for both the bored and the learning. I discovered it sometime last year, but I forgot how. It is a program with which you can watch live TV streaming from Japan!

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Wolverine, the Redneck Mullet-Bearing Bishounen

As someone on a forum I go to put it. See for yourself:

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And Now, Dinosaurs are Real (Again)

Japan has brought one of my dreams to life! Augmented reality dinosaurs! That’s cool as hell! I was a big ol’ dinosaur fanatic when I was younger (to the point where I wanted to go into paleontology—yeah, that big), but unfortunately I’ve never so much as seen dinosaur bones. Visiting this would at least somewhat […]

Geisha is…Robot

I wasn’t sure what to think a few months back when I was given a link to the trailer of Cat Shit One with no further information.


It has this Watership Downish feel to it, and thus my soul keeps preparing to be depressed while watching that.

Apparently it’s based off a manga series, called Apocalypse Meow in English, by Motofumi Kobayashi. The manga was based in Vietnam; the movie is set in the Middle East. Hmm. It will be developed into an anime, too. It’s just that good.

But that’s not why I’m posting today. I’m posting because the ridiculousness of Japanese movies has led me to watch yet another bizarre trailer that I’m not sure I’d be able to endure for more than the length of 4 minutes:

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We have another life-sized robot replica on its way–the first ever Giant Robot from the early days of anime.